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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Ohio Senate Updates

Certainly not bad news.

From The WP Politics Blog:
...What makes the 2006 cycle so troubling for the GOP is a combination of political atmospherics (Ohio, Missouri and Rhode Island), personal unpopularity (Montana) and a confluence of the two (Pennsylvania)...

4. Ohio: Democrats got a boost when Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett left the contest just before the filing deadline. While Hackett went out with a bang -- attacking national party leaders for allegedly showing favoritism toward Rep. Sherrod Brown -- the practical effect of his decision is that Brown can spend the next eight months talking about Sen. Mike DeWine (R) rather than worrying about a primary fight. Although national Democrats clearly got what they wanted by clearing the primary field for Brown, his long voting record in Congress is likely to be a major issue in the campaign. Republicans insist that Brown has taken a number of positions that place him far to the ideological left of the average voter in the state. If outgoing Gov. Bob Taft's (R) job approval numbers remain below 20 percent on Election Day, however, it may not matter.
And then from the NationalJournal:
Ohio moves up two notches since Dems avoided a primary. Sherrod Brown will save valuable resources, and that’s a plus (even if he is taking a beating in the free media with the help of ex-candidate Paul Hackett). DeWine’s problems are still less about him and more about the GOP brand in the state. Watching how DeWine distances himself from the state party will be fascinating. Because if he doesn’t, he might not win

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