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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Sherrod Brown on Joe Finan Show tomorrow (1350am)

I was listening to Joe Finan on 1350 am today on my way to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (which is a great place to visit during the off season, active animals -zero crowds - warm shuttles). Anyways, Sherrod Brown will be on his show tomorrow around 11:30.

Joe said he'd like to ask him about the Hackett withdrawal, his time as a teacher and whether having a background in education will help him improve our educational system. (or something close to that - I was driving with a 2 year old in the van) . Regardless, it sounds like it should be an interesting interview, as Joe Finan and his callers always seem to have a unique point of view.

Although, my favorite progressive radio show host is still Stephanie Miller - Joe Finan is certainly growing on me. I like how many of his callers seem to be seniors and have a unique understanding of history and politics as well as having a connection to our city/area (which the national sydicates don't have).

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