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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Subodh Chandra - He's got your back

I just returned from the Cleveland City Club lunch with Subodh ("sa -bode") Chandra ("chun - dra"). Mr. Chandra is running for Attorney General.

First, let me say, that he made a great impression on me as he stressed the importance of the AG position. The Attorney General's job is to hold other government officials, businesses, and individuals accountable--and to protect Ohioans from harm and loss. He spoke with humor and charm and his conviction often reminded me of the Law and Order prosecuter.

Here are some of the highlights as I remember them:

  • He is extremely qualified (A former federal prosecutor who cleaned up corruption and fraud in the health-care industry, to acclaim from the FBI Director. Served as Cleveland Law Director and Prosecuting Attorney, helped clean up corruption in City Hall.)

  • He is dedicated to the people of Ohio

  • He fights for and has a record of being fiscally conservative (Slashed spending as Cleveland's general counsel saving the city millions)

  • He will hold people to the law regardless of their political affliation or thier ability to help his career. He works for the people of Ohio. (He spoke very harshly against politicians that use the AG office as a political stepping stone and fail to do an adequate job in the process . He mentioned Betty Montgomery who as auditor did an audit of the BWC and didn't even notice the millions missing)

  • Unlike the current Ohio Republican politicians, he will work to recover the money stolen from Ohio in the BWC scandal and others

  • He thinks the concealed weapons law is okay. He says that the fears associated with the law have failed to come true.

  • He has the respect of and is dedicated to law enforcement. He stated that many departments have to wait months for evidence from the state crime lab because it is under funded and unable to do it's job correctly - to the frustration of many sheriff departments. This lack of caring about the states crime lab ,by the current AG, often lets many criminals roam free for months while investigators wait for information to return from the lab. Mr. Chandra would change that.

  • He is concerned about the school funding issues, Ohios current system has been found unconstitional but yet not one current state politician has done anything to fix it. He would hold the state accountable.

  • He was confident Southern Ohio would vote for his experience - regardless of his unusual name and heritage. On top of his strengths and experiences - he said he could raise enough money to give Betty Montgomery the fight of her life.

As one person said as they left the lunch "Anyone who has heard Subodh Chandra talk would vote for him". He was very compelling and offers a complete package for the Attorney General position. He is not a career politician, in fact - I think this is the first office he has run for, so when he says "He'll watch our back and work for the people of Ohio" - I believe him.

Oh - Did I mention he has cute kids?

Visit ChandraforOhio.com for more info.

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Good for you to make the event, Cindy and thanks for reporting back.

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