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Monday, March 27, 2006 

They want my money

Between the emails, phone calls and letters - I get a lot of requests for donations. I don't know how some of these organizations even found me. Did I get on some kind of sucker list? I really don't mind them asking, I guess that is their job but it does irk me occasionally. (to get back at them I use thier address labels without even thinking about sending them money :-) !)

I suspect they have found me from online organizations reselling my info. When I signed up to start recieving updates from The Family Research Council, I wanted to know exactly who they sold my name to so - I used my folks address and a different name. What happened? Well, they sold my name to lots of psychics and chain mail type folks. Amazing. They don't think very highly of thier supporters do they? And you'd think that psychics would go against their belief system but - who knows?

Anyways, for the new year I have pledged to only give to candidates. I have limited funds and need to be mindful about where my money is going. When the issue oriented groups call, I tell them about my pledge and they don't disagree that perhaps my money might be better used helping more Progressive Candidates win. Of course, they'd like me to have enough for both issue and candidate but I don't. I think supporting candidates that have a history of working for progressive causes will have a greater impact than giving the money to the issue groups themselves (at least I am hoping). It may seem safer to give to NARAL if you want to be assured your money will work to protect womens reproductive rights but it just seems safe - I don't think it actually is. Of course, no candidate is perfect on all issues but if my tiny donation could help get more Progressive Dems elected my pet issues will do better in the long run and I suspect the country will do better immediately if enough of them get elected.

I just want a country that is run effectively by people who appreciate the importance of government and work for citizens not corporations.

So - Who am I giving money too?
Subodh Chandra
Sherrod Brown

I am also a Democracy Bonds holder. I give them a very small monthly amount and it goes to help enact Howard Deans 50 State Strategy. (Which I am a great believer in)

Who do you donate to?

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