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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Don't Like Liberals?

i don't like how liberals treat and act towards appalachians...not every liberal....but many of you do..and many of you with incredible power and wealth are the most viscious towards us....why arenn't we as minorities worthy of the same respect as other minorities ? why do you slam us and our culture ? why do you denigrate cultural artforms that're incredibly important to us ? why won't you stop using racist images and stereotypes of us to get political gain ? it's hypocritical at best.....racist at worst

Ummm....this post says nothing negative about appalacians.

I think if you investigated further you would find that appalachians are also liberal and liberals are also appalachian. I have nothing but respect for the culture artforms. And as far as racist images/stereotypes against appalachians - I think Jeff Foxworthy is to blame for the popularity of that and I'm pretty sure he is a republican.

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