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Sunday, April 02, 2006 

Great start to spring (Visiting a red county)

Yesterday, I went out to my folks house. They live in a somewhat "red" county and I usually get slightly disheartened by the number of Pro-Bush bumperstickers. But, this time - something was different. First, on the way out, not a single Bush/Cheney sticker to be seen. Then on the second page of the local paper was DeWines ugly mug grinning at me. What was he grinning about? Why - it was an anti-DeWine ad proclaiming his recent votes on privatizing Social Security. Wow! That was exciting. It was paid for by the local democratic club. So far so good.

Could it stay that way? I went to the post office. Only one person working and they were listening to talk radio, but what was the radio saying? That global warming was something to worry about! Now, I am not sure if that was Progressive Talk or not but - the message seemed right. I'll take it.

We finally drove into the main town and ultimately ended up seeing a few Bush/Cheney stickers (and even a Bob Ney sticker). But there was definately less than usual and we did see a "Proud Democrat" sticker too! My day was topped off by the sighting of a Subodh Chandra sticker. WOW! I feel like the tide may be turning. Now, if someone would get rid of that nasty large Bush/Cheney and Voinovich posters on rt 71, I'll be happy. Although, it might be more poetic to watch them rot.

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