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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Wednesday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

More news from the 13th...
  • Betty Sutton gets an official endorsement from Pho (who , if need be, would settle for "Whoever Can Beat Cafaro"). In the end, he gives some strong reasons for why Betty is the one for the 13th.

  • Psychobilly Dem confirms that Suttons staff remains intact - contrary to the rumors spread at another blog.

  • Sawyer and Grace both are failed to meet the financial disclousure statements filing deadline. It's only a fine - But I'm sure they could have found better uses for that money.
Other Local Issues...
  • "Summit Voting Sucks Like Blogger, You Never Know When Your Content Will Be Eaten" says the Billy who've been following the Debacle.

  • Bryan Flannery, caught pandering to the Christian Coalition, changes his views on abortion to fit the audience points out Modern Esquire.

  • Lisa Renee at LiberalCommonSense mourns GrowOhios potential and hopes for a replacement. "I think we do need a place where grassroots supporters can meet to discuss Ohio with specific areas set up for our parts of Ohio."

  • State Representative Dan Stewart will be holding a Town Meeting this Thursday, April 27, from 6:30 to 8pm at the Shelter House in Westgate Park - Grandpaboy can't make it but maybe you can.

  • More partisan censorship from big media - PeopleHaveThePower blogs that "WCMH NBC4 refuses to run MoveOn ads". Aren't these the same people that refused to play the UCC Church ads?

  • Sen. Obama is going to be at he Dem Dinner and John Glenn will be at the coalition wide post primary event - more info at UAPA

Now for a little National Stuff...

  • Dispassionate Liberal asks "What do you do when the President's approval ratings reach the freezing point of water -- 32º?" Snow Balls! as in Tony Snow :-)

  • Andrew say we can add Vermont to the list of states calling for the impeachment of Bush. He also notes that "Bush is speaking out both sides of his mouth"

  • "Gas prices at record highs. Oil company profits at record highs. Bush’s poll numbers at record lows. Is there a correlation here? You bet." states Truth, for a Change in a nice diary looking into high gas prices.

  • Stubborn Liberal leads us to some interesting news stories including one from newsday where the Janet Woodcock of the FDA states that contraception could lead teenagers to "sex based cults". Do they really believe this stuff? What world are they living in?
There are also some Ohio-focused diaries on DailyKos:
While I was at Kos I found this humor diary - "For True Progessives ONLY" by pico. It put a smile on my face. Which is always a good way to start the day!

So, I guess - I'm on a roll this week, somewhat consistent posts and I fixed blogroll! I reorganized and I added some new blogs: TheDonkey (Lake County), LibraryTavern, ClarkStreet, SwingStateOhio, and Modern Esquire. If you think of any I missed - feel free to email me at cindy at urbancode dot com. I suppose we can chalk up the extra screen time to bad weather - it was freezing yesterday!

Thanks - Enjoy your day!

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