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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

The Problem with Censorship at BuckeyeStateBlog (update 4-22)

BuckeyeStateBlog really is a great idea. A community site dedicated to "allow a full and free discussion of Ohio Politics". Where "Everyone is welcome, including office holders, candidates and their staff." We could really use something like that in Ohio. If these anonymous fellows who call themselves the BSB "staff" (I'd love to see an "about page" with bios like on DailyKos) have the time and energy to keep something like this going - more power to them. I know it is a full time job.

Unfortunately, it just does not live up to it's aspirations. The "community" pretty much consists of about a 7 person mutual admiration society. Nothing wrong with that really - just a little one-sided and boring. (1 reason I do not visit often) But - what I found strange recently, is that comments from others outside of this mutual admiration society often get deleted. So much for a free and full discussion huh? Oh well.

Then today, I saw this diary by thirdwaydem:

(link to full screen capture here)

This post was deleted by the time I refreshed. I wonder what else has been deleted? It is bad enough that they spend most of thier talent and time attacking democrats, thier wives, journalists, anonymous commenters, and other dem bloggers now - they censor? Pitiful.

I realize that telling most of you that - Russo and the anonymous and misguided bloggers that follow him are perhaps "hypocrites" is nothing shocking. But to be so shallow that they can not even follow their own mission statement? That is really a new low.

To be a community blog, you have to let stuff like this stay up. They have enough people in thier little clique to just attack this blogger in the diaries comment section (something they frequently do on other blogs), or they could have just ignored it and let it slide away. What are they afraid of? Hopefully, it is not the truth.

Update (4-22-06)
This is how BSB and Plunderbound have decided to respond. Check it out - Creepy huh? For the record- that is not me. They just hijacked my name. So much for his argument of being so Politically Correct that he just couldn't stand to have something that could even remotely be construed as racist on his site. This example proves beyond a doubt that when it serves them, they will not only promote racist and sexist material - they will even engage in it.

You are judged by the company you keep and once again this bunch really puts the progressive blog community in a negative light.

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Amazing, truly amazing.

It's funny, one of the first posts I ever put up in the blogosphere was cross-posted on MyDD & the Billy. I was banned for months. Russo, then at Buckeye Politics, was kind enough to link to it & the Billy actually started getting hits.

I am amazed, but not surprised by the turn of events. So much for free expression.

Way to keep them honest. I didn't know they only wanted to tell certain parts of the story at BSB.

What a bunch of horseshit.

That forum story is the ONLY story or comment ever deleted at BSB. The reason it was deleted is because the poster had been banned for trolling and being a racist - something i will not tolerate at the site.

to claim comments get often deleted is simply a flat out lie.

As for being anonymous - that's bullshit too. Check out the audio for MTB my name is right in their.

Finally, anyone can post there - there are literally hundreds and hundreds of registered users at BSB - to claim just 7 is yet another bullshit lie.

You have a nasty habit of poor reseach and lying.

We are supposed to believe you? "I never did it before, honest" Ha! Is that a line you learned from Russo? How stupid do you think your readers are?

And you want me to believe that thirdwaydem is a racist - yeah -right - I can see that he is not that from all of his diaries/comments on DailyKos. You are a flat out liar.

And now you want me to look up "staff" at MTB and listen to an audio to find out who "staff" is? Whatever. Not very transparent - just put up a bio and be done with it. It is not anything you wouldn't demand of anyone else. What are you afraid of?

People can believe what they want.

All they have to do is watch your silly blog for a short period to see that I am telling the truth. Besides, a screen capture showing how you delete a dairy whose only crime was that it questions BSB motives is evidence enough.

I guess I'm confused by all this. Staff--are you saying that the screenshot Heights Mom captured is the only thing you censored? And, I don't get why you censored that screenshot. It doesn't seem controversial at all except his/her claim that he/she was being banned.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I removed the other two posts because of editing errors, here is the final product:

I am thirdwaydem of the fame mentioned on this blog. I am begging Russell to show me one post on his blog that was racist. If he can find one blog that anyone besides himself would find racist I will apologize to him.

The comments I am banned for are claiming tha Stephanie Tubbs Jones is a crybaby for not endorsing Strickland because she is mad about the Redfern deal. Russell said I was racist because I was saying actually she cried, upon which I nicely informed Russell of the usage of metaphors.

The other reason I am supposedly a racist is because I said STJ is nothing special and there is no reason any deferrence should be given to her over C.J. Prentice or Joyce Beatty or Mark Mallory; all of whom supported Redfern and support Strickland. My point, as articulated on BSB, is that the African-American community is not monolithic and there is no reason why one leader should get to speak for the whole community.

In addition, I clearly said that I hold all people to same standard and that is that politics should be put aside for the better interest of the state. I said I do not care if you are black or white, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim, but you should care more about the state than yourself. STJ needs to stop crying and put difference aside not because she is black and I am a racist; she needs to do it because it is the right thing to do for the people of this state.

I fail to see how I am a racist, since I am the one saying African-Americans are not monolithic (the cause of stereotypes). I am the one mentioning all of the other great AA leaders in this state and saying they should have a voice at the table. Russell(staff@BSB) is the one in this equation implying that all AA's mindlessly follow STJ and they are a mindless monolithic community.

I would call out any leader who acts in their own best interest over the best interest of the state. There is no reason, except some political differences, that STJ will not endorse Strickland and will instead sit this one out when her help in turning out the vote in Congressional District 11 is critical for a Strickland win.

Once again, Russell, point out one racist comment, I made, I dare you. The bottom line is that I was banned not for being racist but because I did not agree with Russell and his account of the ODP chair meeting. I guess some ponies (i.e. Russell) are not mature enough for debate.

p.s. He never warned me and said I would be banned for some supposed racist comments. I tried to log in and a screen came up saying my id was invalid. Later in the day, my ip address was blocked from accessing the site. I guess this is what happens when an immature manchild thinks he he is a big deal and uses his blog to censor opposing views.

Thank you for your input ThirdwayDem. I was hoping you'd stop by and straighten it out.

I didn't think your initial postings would be racist. Your history at Kos and some other thoughtful comments I have seen you make sure didn't peg you as the "type" and the post that was recently deleted at BSB certainly was not racist at all.

Thanks again for stopping by.

The deleted post was deleted because the user was banned and circumvented the ban. the name he reregistered under was also offensive and juvenile.

Once you're banned you are gone for good - as would be subsequent posts made while circumventing that ban.

Thirdwaydems racist comments and trollish behavior have been left in tact for all to judge.

Cyndi - yes you are obviously stupid. Let me challenge you to find anyone or any post where content has been deleted from BSB. But your tin foil hat conspiracy theory is entertaining.

We have flame wars quite often at BSB which is natural for a big blog - i have no problem with folks disagreeing. there are almost 1,000 posts at BSB as evidence.

Where I draw the line is when people engage in repetitive anti social behavior towards other members - and in race baiting.

Perhaps thirdwaydem hasnt seen the warning i sent him because he was too busy creating a myriad of email addresses to keep reregistering at BSB after being blocked from posting.

As for my silly little blog - you only wish you had the same audience - which is what I suspect drive you to write this constant drivel to drum up fake conspiracies based on lies and crap research.

you'll be back to 6 readers tomorrow.

Do the honors Russell and crosspost a racist I made on your blog. You cannot do it because they do not exist, except in your mind. Please just tell everyone that I was banned because I disagreed with you.

In addition, please explain how I engaged in trollish behavior. Is it because I respond to comments people make about my comments? Is it because I am a member of most liberal/Democratic blogs?

How am I anti-social? Is it because I do not agree with the majority opinion? is it because I can think for myself? Is it because I won't let you label me how you wish?

Keep spreading lies and banning people Russell. I am not a racist, I am not a troll; I am a concerned citizen tired of the horsecrap spewed by people like you (who are white) and STJ (who is black). My standard: you are both self-serving hypocrites and I do not like those types of people.

Stay gold, ponyboy. Stay gold.

dude, anyone can view your comments at BSB I have not deleted any thirdwaydem content. I dont need to cross post it - it's right there for everyone to judge.

perhaps you now deny creating a username "screwrussell" ? I think that alone qualifies as a troll - and is enough to delete your pap.

In addition, I never received a warning from you. I check all of my e-mail accounts throughout the day. Keep lying, you hypocrite.

I would also like to note that my new screenname was not immature and offensive, it was:


On a site that uses "fuck" and "asshole", in fact words Russell used at me or in describing me in comments on the site, that is pretty tame. Anything Russell himself posted yesterday is far more offensive and anti-social than anything I have ever posted on any site.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I think Thirdwaydem asked for proof. Show us one post where he/she was "racist"

You can't.

You can't even spell my name correctly - even though it is right in front of you.

"Find anyone or any post where content has been deleted from BSB" ? - Well - I already did that.

Who is this screwrussell of which you speak? I am not him/her, but I would agree with the sentiment. However, I would assume it is one of my friends whom I told about your site and was appalled by your behavior, as the whole online community should be.

In addition, what did this screwrussell do besides pick a name that implies a dislike of you? Did he/she make racist comments?

You know that no one has the time to look at all of the posts from yesterday and make a conclusion about whether or not I am racist. I am not a racist would be the clear conclusion of this who diod have the time.

Please, just so it is easy for everyone. If you are so confident that I am a racist, pick out one comment I made that was blatantly racist and post it here. It does not exist and you know it; you lying, slandering, hypocrite.

I would also like to point out the clear hypocrisy of Russell. He claims to be in favor of the free-exchange of ideas and grassroots internet activism. However, on here he gives himself a hard-on by reminding all of us about the number of readers he has versus that of this blog. Good work hypocrite, it becomes more clear as you continue to post. I hope you Ivory Basement treats you well as you censor all arguments, ban people from your site, and ridicule those who take the time to blog, but fail to reach your readership levels.

Anyone who promotes Sherrod Brown is no friend of mine. You can have your Northeast Ohio "Heights" BS and unrealistic Kucinich-like dumbass idealism up there because it doesn't wash with true and realistic progressives who live South of the mysterious Route 30 divide.

Up with Paul Hackett and down with those who put him down. Up with Stephanie Tubbs Jones and down with those who told her to "sit down and shut up" at the ODP chair election in December (I was there). Up with the "Call and Post" editor John Lenear for declining to be part of Strickland's "dog and pony show" African American forum.

Down with Redfern's unfair coronation to be ODP chair and down with the ODP's endorsements that took most of my rights to vote in the primary away.

Yeah, never saw anything racist threewaydem has posted (though if Pounder can at least link to something I'll be happy to read it). Seen a lot of cursing/name calling from Pounder who then accuses others of ad hominem attacks when he is the one, in fact, engaging in them. The post that was scrubbed was tame--I saw nothing offensive. "Screwrussell", if that is a name thirdwaydem tried to use (which he denies) is nothing compared to "thisblogishorseshit" which Pounder allowed on Buckeye Senate for months. Yeah, I'm thinking thirdway has a pretty convincing argument & Pounder has showed us ZERO to dispute it.

I supported Hackett and now I support Brown.

I have lived in NEO and Southern Ohio. I grew up hunting, fishing, fourwheeling, ect ect.

So - don't try to sterotype me - anonymous supporter of BSB.

Also - try to stay on topic this is a diary is about censoring at BSB. A site that claims "to allow a full and free discussion of Ohio Politics." All i did was point out that is untrue. They don't allow full and free discussion. I have little opinion on STJ, the ODP or anything else you rambled about.

3dwaydem - whaaa

Cindy - for a post about censorship i notice 3 deleted comments in this post already and you changing your commenting policy after being called out.

you're a real hack phony.

For the record, the number of posts that Russell has been able to show that demonstrates that I am a racist or made a racist comment stands at zero, nada, zilch.

Here is the link to the post where he claims I am a racist. Since Russell does not want to point out where I am racist, let us see if anyone else thinks anything I said was racist.



"Staff:" Considering that all three of those posts say "deleted by AUTHOR," and that the author ADMITTED to deleting at least two of them for editing errors, I fail to see your point.

As someone who has been threated with banning if I disagree with Pounder again-and this was for something that had nothing to do with any racial issue-I think it's safe to say that thirdwaydem is giving an accurate account.

And I have to agree with Faminehorse on what he said in regards to Pounder's routine in these sorts of things.


I deleted all of my posts that say deleted for editing errors. Is there a way to edit without deleting the whole comment?


what utter BS. I havent threatened you at all.

In fact you can still post at BSB right ? LOL


One more post without a link to a racist comment. Anyone else having any luck finding one?

This is ratdg1.

Russell, you haven't threatened me at all? Really? So what about that time I posted a comment here:
and you responded in a comment titled: "Go fuck yourself Rat" which read in part:

I am just about sick of your pathetic attempts of attacking the messenger.

Reporting what is already reported and a matter of public record is not smearing anyone you fucking idiot. and how about putting the full quote out there


Pull this crap again and accuse me of this and you will be finding a new home to act like a whinny ass titty baby.

That wasn't a threat? What was it then?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

"an about page like dailykos"?!?!?!!!??

lady, do you even know who armando is? any of those FPers? at all?

Russell finaly comes through with an explanation. Here it is (my original BSB comments in quotes...his reasoning under them):


I banned you for acting like a troll and bordering on racism. Neither are tolerated behavior

"Please tell me what happens when they do not agree, which is obviously the case. There is not a monolithic community or someone who speaks for all AA's. STJ is not special in any way, shape, or form and there is no reason deferrence should be given to her over Beatty, Prentice, or Mallory."

I think that comment bordered on racism. The only female AA congresswoman in Ohio and just a fraction of congress's AA female contingent. And one of only a tiny handful who contested the 2004 election result on the house floor. To even claim a black person who reaches this level is nothing is IMHO racist at worst and moronic at best.

"I think you should put a Blackwell link on the top of your page since you seem content wiping away STJ's tears and losing this election. Her person lost, she acted like a child and still is, some 20-somethings got out of line; seems like a good enough reason for me to throw away the whole election."

And that comment was pure troll. And included a repetition of a lie intended to malign STJ. Hypocritical of you to whine about the treatment you receive from BSB but expect STJ who received far worse treatment from ODP exec members at a public meeting to suck it up.

Staff -

The comments authors have removed the comments for editing reasons. (please note that it says "This post has been removed by the author." I haven't removed anything. If you read my last morning round up diary, you'll see that I switched comment moderation on after a high amount of comment spam. You know, if you like "insert diary post title" you'll enjoy reading "link to unrelated product here". I turned off comment moderation as soon as I started getting comments regarding this post.

As far as creating an "about page" for yourself. I think it is necessary - most blogs that wish to be taken seriously have one. Markos,Armando,Atrios, all have a brief bio and John Aravosis even has one on his front page. It just seems standard. But, that is totally up to you. There are plenty of reasons to remain anonymous. Just don't say you aren't anonymous because you are - even if one time you stated your name at MTB.

I also think it is crazy that you insist that this post by thirdwaydem was deleted for racist reasons. Which they obviously weren't. It is amazing that you banned him/her mid discussion. You had a great dialogue going on about race/politics/STJ/ODP and instead of allowing the free flow of ideas. You banned the commenter you disagreed with and thought was an "asshole". Which is worse than I even expected of you.

Of course, sexism is promoted at BSB. And if you are calling Cynthia McKinney uppity - well, that is funny - not racist or sexist. When a commenter pointed out the blatant sexism on your site I believe she was told to "calm down toots". So - you are very transparant. You have no inner PC dialogue - you just ban people who disagree with you.

As far as site traffic - I could give too winks about traffic. Of course, I like to be read but more importantly I like the truth. I'd really like it if you did a better job - focused on important issues, stopped beating up dems, laid off Connie Shultz and focused on Republicans. (Use your powers for good.) But you waste whatever traffic you have (which I highly doubt is anywhere near thousands) on petty issues. It is sad.

You're all wrong.

THIRDWAYDEM could not have been banned simply because he disagreed with Russell and couldn't see eye-to-eye with him on the Stephanie Tubb Jones issue. If that were the case, *I* would have been banned from the site as well. As you can see, not only am I *not* banned, I still can post on the front page. THIRDWAYDEM was going over the line and engaging in personal attacks on Russell.

However, STAFF is wrong to say that the comment in question is racist. Perhaps misguided for saying that the only African-American member of the Ohio Congressional delegation was not a significant leader, but not racist.

And finally, HEIGHTSMOM, is wrong is saying that STAFF should identify himself. DailyKos Bios? So I can learn the biographical information about all the front page posters? Didn't think so. You also got the story wrong. If THIRDWAYDEM was banned simply for disagreeing with STAFF, I would have been gone by now because we've been on the opposite sides of STJ and the whole Dann-Phillips story.

In short, this is tempest in teacup.

Modern Esquire -

I really don't understand what you are saying. You admit that Thirdwaydem made no racist remark but yet you still think he should have been banned?

As far as a bio - I said in the diary that it would be nice, not required. I do not know who "staff" is. If you read my last comment it says "There are plenty of reasons to remain anonymous. Just don't say you aren't anonymous because you are" I don't go around keeping tabs on every bloggers whereabouts. Using "Staff" as a psuedonym, implied more than one person to me. That's all.

I am glad you have not been banned from BSB. But, others diaries and posts have been deleted there and you and I both can see that they do not have to be racist to get deleted.

Thanks for commenting.

Another day, more nonsense. Modern Esquire, please show one instance in which I personally attacked Russell. I do not have access to the site any longer, so such an example may exist, but to the best of my memory the most personal things I remember saying to Russell are "I guess some ponies are not mature enough for a debate" and that he "should put a Blackwell link at the top of his page."

In my opinion, both pretty mild criticisms, especially when Russell himself titled one of his post towards me "Fuck You," followed that up by calling me an "asshole," and ended it by saying he is certain I am a "moron." If you can find a personal attack I made against Russell that even remotely comes close to that line of drivel, then I will see your point, until then, I think it is fair to assume that I was banned mid-conversation because I had the audacity to disagree about the way the ODP chair meeting went down and called out STJ for not putting her differences aside for the better interest of the state, its citizens, and the party.

I would like to point out that my comment about STJ was in the context that she is nothing special in comparison to Beatty, Prentice, or Mallory. My contention still is and will remain that the Ohio House minority leader (Beatty) and Ohio Senate minority leader (Prentice) have more influence in the African-American community either directly or indirectly than STJ. However, my main point is that it does not matter who has more influence, because the black community is not monolithic and thus no one prominent African-American leader should be given deference over another one.

Cindy, good for you. Keep holding the mirror up to these folks, and let people judge for themselves if their actions and arguments pass muster. You're quite right about how the company one keeps says a lot about a person. Reading the adolescent comments of some of these clowns makes me think that perhaps we should consider reinstituting an old tradition from the frontier west: horsewhipping civic offenders in the public square. But your fearless criticism is the next best thing.


You are right on. Keep it up!

You are correct about Buckeye State Blog. They banned me from posting because I was critical of their constant bashing of Sherrod Brown and his wife Connie.

Apparently, they don't like to hear from posters who have a different POV.

Mr Hicks from Columbus needs to do some research. Stephanie Tubbs Jones supports Sherrod Brown.

I find all these attempts to divide Democrats in Ohio during a crucial election year to be highly suspicious.

Yeah, it's a groupthink echo chamber at BSB. No dissension allowed. If you dissent, you will be attacked, cursed at, have degrading posts written about you...and eventually banned. It's MyDD or Daily Kos writ small.

Makes me re-think the whole Sherrod Brown/ODP episode in December & what really went on there since the only 2 reporting on it in detail were Pounder & Russo...not the most credible & upstanding people in my mind.


Step down from the horse. This is how BSB and Plunderbund respond? You have no clue. Russell had nothing to do with the shoutbox crap...he just visited and found it funny and posted it.

You are making up a conspiracy against you. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop misleading people with your paranoid rantings. You don't quite have it all figured out.

The shoutbox thing happened spontaneously and I couldn't even tell you who all was involved. There were people shouting out stuff as me too...along with Sherrod Brown, Paul Hackett, and Glenn Beck. It would be obvious to the visitor that those were not who they say they were. They were jokes. Humor. You could argue immature, sure...but most good fun really is. Making a big deal out of it is kinda silly, but I understand that's what you do.

As for the original reason for this post, I also don't agree with how Russell handles things all the time.

I didn't find much value in either thirdway or russell's stuff actually.

I've removed all shoutbox references to you...carry on.

I was also banned from posting on buckeyestateblog by Russell because he disagreed with me.

He even put up, and then took down a front page post where I had caught him in an inaccurate post regarding poll numbers.

He was so pissed off that he was wrong that he banned me from posting.

You have a real story here, Cindy. While there are only consistently near 5-7 posters on buckeyestateblog, anyone who disagrees is attacked by Russell and the surrounding Ohio blogs.

Well not here at Heightsmom! Keep up the good work and stick it to Russell, Tim, Eric, and the others!! I'm with you 100%!!!

Eric -

BuckeyeStateBlog turned your shoutbox into a diary entry on thier frontpage. So - yes - they had something to do with it. I did not say they were not "trying to be funny". I am sure they thought they were very funny. I just said they promoted sexist and racist material by turning it into a frontpage diary. Which contradicts the orginal argument BSB gave on why he deleted content from his website. (Proving him to be a liar) Do you get it now?

Cindy - Don't let this story die! It's time to hold these cats accountable for how they act and what they do that is bad for Ohio's blogosphere! Keep the pressure on!

Price of fame, eh Cindy? ;^)

Keep callin' out the hypocrisy where you see it. Don't ever let 'em get away with the crap again.

We tolerant libs passively let the inane prattle away and continue their BS for too long, and look where our country ended up when we woke up and found blogging.

You don't need to ban even the most trollish ass. The truth drowns them out.

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