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Friday, April 28, 2006 

Push Polled by Blackwell

Robot call: Do you think Ohio would benefit from having a strong african american role model as governor?

Me: Click.

The number was out of VA (571)-522-6585.


Wait, you mean Ken's now using a VA firm in addition to his AZ firm. No, never, he's so about creating jobs in Ohio!

I would urge even you Democrats to vote on the Republican ticket tomorrow. What Democratic primary race holds importance for the area or even the state? None that I can really think of.

However, the Republican governor's primary race is probably THE most important of the decade. Okay, so all the polls say that Strickland will walk away with the position without much trouble in November. Why risk it?! Wouldn't you Democrats prefer the chance that a moderate, so-called RINO, like Jim Petro, win the position as opposed to the ultra-conservative, fascist, fake religious zealot, fiscal nightmare that is Ken Blackwell?

Cross the party lines and take one for the team. Do Ohio's future a favor and send Blackwell packing early.

I truly hope that, if Ken Blackwell wins the primary race, that Ohio rejects him wholeheartedly in November. I just think that it is a long way to November, and I remember Issue 1 in 2004. All indications were that it would fail miserably in November, but it passed with room to spare. So, do the liberals/Democrats take the chance (no matter how insignificant they seem now) that Blackwell is the governor or do they hedge their bets right now?

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