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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Ted Speaks about the Net Neutrality vote

"On Wednesday, I voted for an amendment to the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Efficiency Act of 2006 (COPE) to ensure "net neutrality" which ultimately failed. I also voted for the final version of the COPE Act
in committee.

"My vote for the COPE Act was an effort to facilitate competition in the video market so that consumers have more choices and can benefit from lower cable prices. This bill, despite the regrettable exclusion of net neutrality language, will provide consumers with choices and savings that were, to this point, very difficult to realize under current guidelines.

"I continue to strongly support efforts to ensure net neutrality, and would stand with any effort to ensure fair and comprehensive access to the internet. There is still time to fight and win this battle, and I will be a voice on the front lines fighting to preserve equal access to the internet for all consumers and content providers."

More Info Here and Here.

Henry Gomez is following this closely and will feature it in his Sunday PD column.
"I'm not sure that supporting this bill -- and let's remember, Strickland and Brown are only supporting the right to have a full House vote -- negates support of rural broadband. Plus, remember, this is far from over. I spoke with Bill Callahan for almost 40 minutes this morning, and even he agrees there will be plenty of horse-trading in the coming weeks. Oftentimes committee members say they vote legislation out of the committee and onto the floor to give the full body a say.

That's possibly what happened in this case. Either way, if COPE bothers you, an organization called Save the Internet has information here. I'll have more on this topic in my Sunday column."

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