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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

Ken Blackwell thinks urban radio listeners are stupid.

Blackwell ad implies that Petro will ban HipHop music.

I read this in the PD this morning and thought it was just screwy. How dumb does he think people are? Petro and Blackwell are running for Governor and are not part of the FCC so - they can't ban a single thing! Anyways, Openers has the story up too. It also looks like Blackwell is race baiting as well. Can't they win on thier merits? Oh yeah ....They don't have any :-)

"If you want to protect your right to listen to vulgar songs on the radio, you might want to vote for Ken Blackwell tomorrow.

So say radio ads airing on behalf of the front-running GOP gubernatorial candidate.

In one version of the radio spot - heard last weekend on a Columbus hip-hop and rhythm-&-blues station - actors portraying a Democratic couple discuss who they will vote for in Tuesday's primary. The ad conveys the message that registered Democrats can request Republican ballots "with Ken Blackwell's name on it."

The ad is apparently a riposte to a commercial aired by Blackwell's opponent, Jim Petro, calling the family-values Republican a "hypocrite" for once owning and profiting from "radio stations that played songs full of violence and vulgar language." The couple in Blackwell's ad concludes that voting for Blackwell will assure their choice in radio music won't be censored.

A similar ad ran on two Radio One stations in Cincinnati:

"When Blackwell's opponent attacks Ken's values, he's attacking every one of us that listens to this radio station," the announcer says. "If his opponent becomes governor, he would want to change what you listen to."
Complete story at Openers.

Here is a DailyKos dairy that has more info:OH-GOV: Radio-One and Blackwell

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