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Monday, May 01, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Monday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

I am really busy today so just a quick Round-Up. This week I start a regular Monday dairy on AmericanStreet. I am honored to have been chosen with Jill Miller Zimon and Yellow Dog Sammy to represent Ohio on this national blog. Henry Gomez wrote a nice diary on our selection at TechLink.

Anyways - on to the very best diaries in Ohio Liberal Blogosphere...

Ohio 13 updates and some silly blog drama...
The ongoing saga of Word of Mouth blog, Emilys List and some unkind photos of Capri raged for several days. I think Faminehorse at Psychobilly Democrat summed it up pretty well. Especially useful is a remark by YellowDog in the comment section. Pho also has a worthwhile diary on the drama and what it means.

Everyone is following the race to replace Sherrod Brown but Ohio13Votes follows the district very well and updates us on all the controversies, polls, endorsements and campaign strategies. In fact, the district is so popular that 2 blogs focus exclusively on the race! If this is your district - I'd suggest reading Ohio13 blog too. I am sure district OH13 will remain interesting even after the primay - so if you haven't already - there is still time to visit these blogs.

The Attorney Generals race is also a hot topic.
Marc Dann is focusing on the "Pain at the pump across Ohio" on his "Blog for Ohio". He is introducing a bill that:

1. Empowers the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute price fixing and market manipulation in the oil and gas industry.
2. Allow the Attorney General to seek punitive damages payable to consumers who are victims of the oil and gas industry.
3. Give the Attorney General the ability to file a class action lawsuit against these corporations on behalf of Ohio consumers.

Subodh Chandra, still behind in the polls, speaks the truth in a letter to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch. Red-State.com has a great wrap up and prediction of this race (and others) which includes:
"Opinion polls consistently indicate that Marc Dann will defeat Subodh Chandra for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Chandra started out the race with several handicaps: lack of elected office, limited union support, a difficult name for most Ohio voters, and failure to gain the state party endorsement. But he has really been the breakout candidate in this primary season: sharp, witty, engaging and energizing. Yet he is unlikely to show much for it. Unfortunately, Chandra was very quickly dismissed -- and generally ignored -- by the media, who were far more familiar with Dann."

Heightsmom proudly supports Subodh Chandra but I do think Dann will do a fine job in the AG position (I just like Subodh more). If you're still undecided - go ahead and give that vote to Subodh. If anything, it helps send a message that will encourage new and outsider candidates to participate in the system.
Ohio also focused on National Stories with Tony Snow and the $100 gas bribe being favorites...
Dispassionate Liberal blogs on "Tony Snow: Extremist" Clark Street blog also has something to say about Tony Snow: "I predict that he will be the most highly regarded press secretary ever" The ChiefSource sums it up with this diary " It's Snowing Garbage at the White House".

Both Andrew Warner and Truth, for a Change point out that the $100 gas bribe is just a "band-aid" solution that both Republicans and Democratic citizens should be insulted by.
Thanks - Enjoy your day!

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