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Monday, May 08, 2006 

This is the week

I'll be in the hospital most of the week. I tried to get one last post up but - it just isn't going to happen. :-) Tomorrow is my amnio and then if babys lungs are fully developed - Wednesday is my C-Section. (I have to have one due to a myomectomy.) Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and next time I blog you'll be able to see some baby photos of Konrad!

I think he is going to be a big baby. His sister was 8lbs 10oz and she was three weeks early! I think he is going to be even bigger. We are very excited and can't wait for you all to meet him!

While I am gone - check out Jill and Jeff at AmericanStreet.

Good luck to you all, Cindy. Sounds like you're very calm.

Hard to believe, but I went in for some age-related aches and pains and told the doctor, whom I met during LaMaze class 13 years ago! - that the pain I was having in my feet, which is partly what brought me to see him now, was worse than childbirth. He did a doubletake, knowing that I had a 23 hour labor first time out. He said, JILL! More pain than CHILDBIRTH?

I said, yup. Getting old sucks. :) Giving birth is MUCH better! :)

Best wishes for a healthy delivery and speedy recovery.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and briefly missing those baby days.

Best wishes and from a person who had four c-sections? I looked at it as a free tummy tuck every birth.


Hey Cindy, hope everything goes without a hitch and you deliver another stunningly beautiful baby democrat!

Hope everything goes great.

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