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Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Flickr Photo Slideshow from the ODP Dinner Party

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Cindy! That is a FABULOUS slideshow. Thank you so much for posting this. And props to whomever contributed - did you take all of the shots??

Yeah - I took all the shots - I was standing to the right of the stage behind the large palm-like plant, next to the stairs that went onto the platform. Then I kneeled down in front of the podium for the head on shots. It was fun. I was probabaly as close as you could get to the candidates without actually being on stage. Security (or who I thought was security perhaps stage manager?) said it was fine :-)

I really enjoyed myself.

Hi Cindy

We were glowing about you today, here in central Ohio with Emily Krieders people

Great pictures, I would have gone too- had I realized you would be there!

Prissy adores you! Drop me a line next time your in Cowtown :-)

Thanks Prissy!

I thought my ears were burning I just figured it was lack of sleep :-D

Emily Krieder was so nice! I was happy to meet her and her staff!


WTG Cindy, excellent job on this post and the one above.


Kudos for your efforts and whomever took the photos while you were sitting next to Barack. Everyone looks so intense!

That was Jeff at Ohio2006! He is the best - I really appreciate his friendship. It is actually the best thing to happen since blogging - even better than meeting Barack :-)

Everyone was intense - trying to listen over all of the background noise.

BTW - it was nice finally meeting you.

Excellent photo work, Cindy. Good to have finally met you as well.

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