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Monday, June 12, 2006 

Parade The Circle & a sad reminder on a summer day

It was a beautiful (if a little chilly) summer weekend. Our family enjoyed every little bit of it, spending every moment we could outside. One of the highlights was the Annual Parade the Circle event in Wade Oval. This entry (photographed below) reminded us that 10's of thousands of Iraqi Families and 2708 American families can not enjoy thier summer.

A Tank on the streets of Cleveland

Mothers crying, holding thier dead children

Faceless men in suits, carrying briefcases of money(?), turn thier backs on the helpless families.

Pretty powerful. I think the entry was by Ohio Peace Action - but, I am not sure.

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Hi Cindy,
I too saw the Parade and thought that was one of the most powerful dance/"set"pieces I have seen about the war. Very moving.
Don't know if you caught the Bread and Puppet Cicus last month(early May, late April) when they were in Cleveland Heights up at the Coventry School, but they too had a very moving part, where they had several people come out with large cardboard "empty chairs" and someone who held up a large tally board with the death totals.All done in total silence, unlike their other "acts". See my archived blog for a photo.

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