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Friday, June 09, 2006 

Sherrod Backs Net Neutrality, Votes Against Final Passage of COPE Bill

From SherrodBrown.com
I thought you'd like to know that Sherrod voted for the Markey Net Neutrality Amendment, which failed, 152-269, and voted against the COPE bill, which passed last night 321-101.

He said this in favor of the Markey Amendment on the floor of the House:

Mr. BROWN of Ohio: Mr. Chairman, I thank my friend from Massachusetts for his leadership on all of these issues.

Net neutrality would maintain the free and open Internet that exists today. This bill simply does not protect the right of consumers to a wide array of information and entertainment sources.

The Markey amendment would provide those essential protections by outlawing sweetheart deals between network operators, like the phone or cable companies, and Internet content providers.

Without net neutrality, buying company A's phone service might restrict you to Google and deny you Yahoo, might deny you CNN.com and only give you FoxNews.com.

American consumers deserve choice, whether they choose to use the Internet giant Google or the new start-up search engine. This amendment is about consumer choice. This amendment is about market competitiveness.

I urge you to join me in support of the Markey amendment in opposition to the bill.

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