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Monday, June 05, 2006 

(video) Frances Strickland Sings About Ted

Frances Strickland Sings About Ted

One of the highlights of the evening, they seem like such a fun couple.

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That was really nice Cindy, thanks for sharing it.


More Dems like that and the media will have to stop reporting gossip. That was cool.

Frances is going to be such an asset in large part of rural Ohio where Democrats lose by such large margins. I'd like to see a 30 second spot this fall with Frances and her guitar. They need to crank up her amp though.

That was great clip, I am a Strickland fan -Frances has great appeal.

He has what it takes to turn Ohio around.

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I got to know Congressman Strickland back in my days as a young journalism student at OU. He always remembered me, was always humble, and truly represented what I thought could make for a great Senator... now that I'm in Florida I *really* wish he was on the Senate ticket, but loving my home state I know he's what's right.

I have a great story about Dr. Strickland to share when I have a chance.

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