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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Frances Strickland @ OD Women's Caucus w/ Slideshow

The 2nd Meeting of the Cuyahoga County Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus went well. A big crowd (a little under 100) attended to hear guest speakers Frances Strickland and Lew Katz.

Debbie Klien spoke about the Prevention First Initiative (teen pregnancy prevention, sex eductaion funding). She noted that 250 women had traveled to Columbus to testify against HB228. HB228 is the horrible abortion ban legisation that would make it illegal to have an abortion even if the life of the mother was at stake -taking the decision out of the hands of the family and into the hands of government.

Jane Shapiro spoke about the Voter Action Initiative by Ohioans for Democratic Values. An effort to encourage and enable citizens to talk to thier friends and neighbors about the democratic candidates they are voting for and why. This is like the Neighbor to Neighbor canvass we did during the primary. It is a fun way to get out the word and get to know your neighbors.

The Minimum Wage Petition went around the room. If you haven't signed it already, please do. I have a petition if you need to sign it - just email me.

Lew Katz from the 14th District gave a great speech. He is very inspiring and will make a wonderful congressman. The 14th current Congressman, Steve LaTourette, continues to betray the citizens of the 14th district by voting for legislation that hurts the regions families, workers and students. Lew Katz would help the 14th and the rest of Ohio by putting Ohioans needs ahead of Washingtons wants. Visit his website for more info. I'll try to get his speech up - which is so much better than anything I could say.

The highlight of the evening was Frances Strickand. She just seems like the nicest most genuine woman - I am happy she is on our side. She presented a slideshow on "A Million Voices for Change". Which seems to be a more structured style of a word of mouth campaign. I am excited to learn more about this and see how it grows.

Frances kind of reminds me of that gentle but fun teacher in junior high. Her presentation was filled with smiles and humor. She played the guitar for us again (here is video of the Strickland Bio Song), this time she played a new song called "Who ya gonna vote for Republican?"

She also talked about the mud slinging tactics of her husbands opponent and the Republican party in general. She said, She and Ted would stand up to any negative campaign ads and would not be "swiftboated". It is unfortunate that Ken Blackwell and his ilk have to delve into such nastiness to garner attention. At the sight of the first ugly campaign ad against the Stricklands, we should all speak out on how unnesccessary and dispicable his tactics are. Politics doesn't have to be that ugly. It just pushes everyone away.

She also said that the Culture of Corruption the Republicans have created, hurts the Dems more than it helps them, by alienating people from all politicians. Democrats have to stand up and show themselves for the honest, everyday people that they are, not just the issues and policies they believe in and stand up for.

Here is the slideshow from the meeting:

The next meeting is August 3rd. I hope more of you can make it.

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Cindy -thanks very much for posting the pics and the report. Aug. 3 eh? Ugh - I'm not sure I'll be in town but will go if I am.

Yes, thanks for the report. Sad that their women's issues agenda is still rather lean and incomplete. There doesn't seem to be a lot to attract women voters, most of it is still out of the 1970's.

Let's give them some encouragement to start talking about health care...

Great list of fabulous sites for women here!

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