Thursday, April 20, 2006 

The Problem with Censorship at BuckeyeStateBlog (update 4-22)

BuckeyeStateBlog really is a great idea. A community site dedicated to "allow a full and free discussion of Ohio Politics". Where "Everyone is welcome, including office holders, candidates and their staff." We could really use something like that in Ohio. If these anonymous fellows who call themselves the BSB "staff" (I'd love to see an "about page" with bios like on DailyKos) have the time and energy to keep something like this going - more power to them. I know it is a full time job.

Unfortunately, it just does not live up to it's aspirations. The "community" pretty much consists of about a 7 person mutual admiration society. Nothing wrong with that really - just a little one-sided and boring. (1 reason I do not visit often) But - what I found strange recently, is that comments from others outside of this mutual admiration society often get deleted. So much for a free and full discussion huh? Oh well.

Then today, I saw this diary by thirdwaydem:

(link to full screen capture here)

This post was deleted by the time I refreshed. I wonder what else has been deleted? It is bad enough that they spend most of thier talent and time attacking democrats, thier wives, journalists, anonymous commenters, and other dem bloggers now - they censor? Pitiful.

I realize that telling most of you that - Russo and the anonymous and misguided bloggers that follow him are perhaps "hypocrites" is nothing shocking. But to be so shallow that they can not even follow their own mission statement? That is really a new low.

To be a community blog, you have to let stuff like this stay up. They have enough people in thier little clique to just attack this blogger in the diaries comment section (something they frequently do on other blogs), or they could have just ignored it and let it slide away. What are they afraid of? Hopefully, it is not the truth.

Update (4-22-06)
This is how BSB and Plunderbound have decided to respond. Check it out - Creepy huh? For the record- that is not me. They just hijacked my name. So much for his argument of being so Politically Correct that he just couldn't stand to have something that could even remotely be construed as racist on his site. This example proves beyond a doubt that when it serves them, they will not only promote racist and sexist material - they will even engage in it.

You are judged by the company you keep and once again this bunch really puts the progressive blog community in a negative light.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Lee Iacocca on GW Bush Management Style or " The Joys of Elderly Tourette's Syndrome"

Via ISteve:
Q. "What sort of CEOs do you think George W. Bush and his administration make?"

Lee Iacocca. "I make speeches for the Washington Speakers Bureau, get $75,000 for 30 minutes, and all I ever say is, "Here's what management is about. Hire good people and set some basic priorities and objectives" Well, let's see how George Bush qualifies. The people that surround him are just friends, and I think most of them just schmucks, because I know a lot of them. Who runs the country? Cheney, is getting old and sick and had this hunting accident. And "Rummy," Rumsfeld, whom I know real well -- they've been together forever, and they run the country. They had Condoleezza Rice for lunch. I don't know what she's got on Bush, but, boy, he believes in her. Other than those three, the mastermind of them all, the boy genius, is Karl Rove -- slime bucket that he is. You've got to know him to see how slimy he is.
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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Why the Left is Right - Liberal Quotes

The immigration issue is mainly hurting the Republican Party, which
is divided between those who want to expel immigrants and those who
want to exploit them.
-- Paul Krugman

American women are 40 percent more likely than men to be poor.
-- Jessica Valenti

We used to be Catholics. Now, as Confucian-Druid-Nietzscheian-Pan
worshipers, Sunday mornings are pretty much our own.
-- Jerry and Joe Long

From the book The Best Liberal Quotes Ever - Why the Left is Right.

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Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Monday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

There was a lot of good stuff going on today but two diaries really stood out...
  • MCDAC puts out a great diary on " People Who Hate Government Shouldn't Run Government". Something I feel very strongly about. How can you do anything correctly if you despise it?
    This is the simple message that Democrats need to carry to the American people: you wouldn't turn your family, your home, or your church over to someone who hated it, why should you do that to your government?
  • This isn't as much of a diary as a comment on another diary (about Social Democracies) but it is worth a read for these last two paragraphs alone. It also has some interesting history tidbits in it, too! -
    The simple fact is that the attempt at "unrestrained" capitalism as practiced by the current Bush administration has been shown to be an abject failure. An economic surplus has been transformed into a three trillion dollar debt that will be visited upon our great grandchildren unless the disastrous Bush tax cuts are repealed. At this current moment, 46 million people are without health insurance, the vast majority of which work full-time jobs and still can't afford it, and that number is growing rapidly. An entire city, arguably the cultural jewel of the South, was destroyed by a natural disaster and heading into the next hurricane season insurance companies, claiming poverty are cancelling hurricane policies left and right. And. most enjoyably, the Republican party is tearing itself apart as the unapologetically xenophobic wing fights with the rabidly pro-business wing over the issue of illegal immigrants.

    It is time to give up the myth of the bootstrapper and relegate the notion that each and every one of us may someday become as rich as Bill Gates and deal with the realities that face us in this new century. We need a base level of education including a college education for each and every child in the world so that they can compete in a new global economy. We need to ensure a minimum level of health care for every citizen so that a single stay in a hospital won't automatically lead to destitution and indentured servitude. There are certain ideals that we should all be able to agree upon whether we are liberal or conservative and stop quibbling over these ignorant and outdated labels that serve only to divide us.
    Unfortunately, for conservatives, that means coming to the realization that there are some things that require a social democratic solution, because the market doesn't always provide what we as citizens require. (read the rest at TheAlarm)

And Some Candidate News...
And not to be left out...

Argghh - What a frustrating morning after a wonderful weekend. I returned home yesterday with about 15 new blog comments all SPAM! (why do people do that?) Yuck. What a mess. So, I put comment moderation back on. Then blogger was very slow to get started. Overall - not smooth blogging but the weather looks nice, my tulips are blooming and I have a full day planned. I am still messing around with updating the format of "Morning RoundUp". I am trying to make it a little easier to read, and a little more organized and selective. I planned on updating Blogroll but never got around to it - too busy decorating eggs - hopefully, I'll finish that this week. Maybe after the baby goes to bed!

Take Care! -Cindy

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