Friday, April 28, 2006 

Push Polled by Blackwell

Robot call: Do you think Ohio would benefit from having a strong african american role model as governor?

Me: Click.

The number was out of VA (571)-522-6585.



Tower City Mall Security ejects TriC JazzFest Band for Anti-Bush tshirts

From TimRoff
The Tri-C JazzFest is one of Cleveland Ohio's most venerable traditions, drawing world-class musicians for 9 days of Jazz, Bebop, Swing, and Gospel. It has taught thousands of high school and college students in the greater Cleveland area about improvisation, harmony, irregular time signatures and much more, while entertaining hundreds of thousands of festival goers during its 27 year history. This year's festival features Manhattan Transfer, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and Diane Schuur among others.

So at noon today, Mifune, a ten-piece modern jazz group went to take the stage at the Tower City Center Jazz Fest stage for a free, lunchtime concert. They set up their instruments, chatted with fans and the security guys, then stepped on stage in matching t-shirts featuring a picture of the President behind a "No" circle/slash, and started performing their jam-style jazz improvisations. 20 minutes into their set, an irate man identifying himself as a member of the mall's corporate office stopped the show, and demanded that the band remove their t-shirts.
Read the rest of the story here.

Wow - who knew that TowerCity was doing so well that it could afford to piss off the majority of it's customers. (snark) I enjoy shopping there mostly because I want to support the city center but "the heck with'em". If this is the stand they choose to take - I guess I'll take one too = Boycott TowerCity.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Canvas Cleveland Hts Event Reminder (Updated)

Some of you may have heard, I am holding a Cleveland Heights Democratic Canvassing Event. If not - you can find the info here:

Saturday, April 29th at 11am.

We will have the Dem Sample Ballots, and *hopefully* the very nice "Democratic Vision" doorhanger, and some Strickland lit.

AG candidate Subodh Chandras campaign staff will be there and if you have not already met Julian Rogers- he will be stopping by too.

This event is for Cleve Dems to get a chance to meet each other. It is for spreading the Democratic Vision and getting more people involved - you can choose which material you'd like to drop off to your neighbors (some, all or none) You may just want to meet some other active Dems - nothing will be pushed on you.

I hope you can make it. We have about 25 people RSVP'd. If the weather holds out it should be great fun. Think of it as a progressive party with a purpose :-) I'll have some light refreshments available - I was thinking donuts and coffee.

Here is the complete event details from the Democratic Party website:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cindy at urbancode dot com

Thanks -


UPDATE: We have received all of the distribution material including the very nice Dem Vision doorhangers and some beautiful Ted Strickland brochures. Candidate for Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division Joe Young is stopping by to meet us all. If you can not find parking - there is a lot on Grandview Ave (one road over by Giant Eagle). Hopefully this beautiful Cleveland spring weather will continue on Saturday. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting out for a nice walk.

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Ted Speaks about the Net Neutrality vote

"On Wednesday, I voted for an amendment to the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Efficiency Act of 2006 (COPE) to ensure "net neutrality" which ultimately failed. I also voted for the final version of the COPE Act
in committee.

"My vote for the COPE Act was an effort to facilitate competition in the video market so that consumers have more choices and can benefit from lower cable prices. This bill, despite the regrettable exclusion of net neutrality language, will provide consumers with choices and savings that were, to this point, very difficult to realize under current guidelines.

"I continue to strongly support efforts to ensure net neutrality, and would stand with any effort to ensure fair and comprehensive access to the internet. There is still time to fight and win this battle, and I will be a voice on the front lines fighting to preserve equal access to the internet for all consumers and content providers."

More Info Here and Here.

Henry Gomez is following this closely and will feature it in his Sunday PD column.
"I'm not sure that supporting this bill -- and let's remember, Strickland and Brown are only supporting the right to have a full House vote -- negates support of rural broadband. Plus, remember, this is far from over. I spoke with Bill Callahan for almost 40 minutes this morning, and even he agrees there will be plenty of horse-trading in the coming weeks. Oftentimes committee members say they vote legislation out of the committee and onto the floor to give the full body a say.

That's possibly what happened in this case. Either way, if COPE bothers you, an organization called Save the Internet has information here. I'll have more on this topic in my Sunday column."

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Blackwell "accidently" releases millions of Ohio voters Social Security numbers

Identity Theft Anyone? Via WBNS:
"Millions of Social Security numbers are now in the hands of people who aren't supposed to have them.

It's a big mistake leading straight back to one of the men running for Ohio Governor. The private records were mistakenly released by the Secretary of State's office.

Voter lists are crucial to political parties. They give campaign workers an efficient way to target potential supporters. The lists usually consist of the names of registered voters, their addresses, their party affiliation, and whether that person voted in the last election.

Social security numbers aren't supposed to be revealed.

But they have been because of a mistake by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's campaign."
Corrupt and Incompentent - I'd expect nothing less from a modern day Republican.

HatTip: AmericaBlog

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Bill Ritter Campaign distributes anti-gay attack piece (update)

From Stonewall Dems:
Mike Foley is Stonewall's endorsed candidate for State Representative in Ohio's 14th House District.

(The 14th House District includes Cleveland Wards 19, 20, & 21 + Brook Park + Parma Heights. Mike Foley is seeking election to the seat recently vacated by Dale Miller, who was appointed to the Ohio Senate.)

Here is an excerpt:

"Mike Foley was asked if he was 'For Gay Marriage?' Mike said 'YES' he supports gay marriage. 'UNLIKE MIKE' this concerns me since I DO NOT want this to become a state law. I feel a Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. That is the WAY I WILL VOTE in Columbus! In FACT Mike Foley has been ENDORSED by the STONEWALL DEMOCRATS, who are a GAY/LESBIAN political action committee. His endorsement is largely because of His Support (sic) of Gay Marriage."

We must work to ensure that these nasty tactics are not rewarded with a victory for Bill Ritter on Election Day next Tuesday, May 2.

The Cleveland Stonewall Democrats must work to make the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates accountable to our issues.


Please help the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats respond to this anti-gay attack on Mike Foley.


a. Saturday, April 29 @ 10 a.m. / Meet at Pizza Hut parking lot in
Kamms Corners: 3788 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland

b. Saturday, April 29 @ 2 p.m. / Meet at Pizza Hut parking lot in Kamms
Corners: 3788 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland

c. Sunday, April 30 @ 2 p.m. / Meet @ parking lot for 5555 Smith Rd,
Brook Park

d. Election Day: Tuesday, May 2 -- ANY TIME THAT YOU CAN SPARE for
poll coverage or "Get Out the Vote" calls


Contact Patrick Shepherd via e-mail: president at clevelandstonewalldemocrats dot org

Encourage your friends and family to vote for fair-minded Democrats like MIKE FOLEY.


Visit for more information.

Thanks in advance for your help. Patrick Sheperd

For more of the story please visit FaggotyAssFaggot

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Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Wednesday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

More news from the 13th...
  • Betty Sutton gets an official endorsement from Pho (who , if need be, would settle for "Whoever Can Beat Cafaro"). In the end, he gives some strong reasons for why Betty is the one for the 13th.

  • Psychobilly Dem confirms that Suttons staff remains intact - contrary to the rumors spread at another blog.

  • Sawyer and Grace both are failed to meet the financial disclousure statements filing deadline. It's only a fine - But I'm sure they could have found better uses for that money.
Other Local Issues...
  • "Summit Voting Sucks Like Blogger, You Never Know When Your Content Will Be Eaten" says the Billy who've been following the Debacle.

  • Bryan Flannery, caught pandering to the Christian Coalition, changes his views on abortion to fit the audience points out Modern Esquire.

  • Lisa Renee at LiberalCommonSense mourns GrowOhios potential and hopes for a replacement. "I think we do need a place where grassroots supporters can meet to discuss Ohio with specific areas set up for our parts of Ohio."

  • State Representative Dan Stewart will be holding a Town Meeting this Thursday, April 27, from 6:30 to 8pm at the Shelter House in Westgate Park - Grandpaboy can't make it but maybe you can.

  • More partisan censorship from big media - PeopleHaveThePower blogs that "WCMH NBC4 refuses to run MoveOn ads". Aren't these the same people that refused to play the UCC Church ads?

  • Sen. Obama is going to be at he Dem Dinner and John Glenn will be at the coalition wide post primary event - more info at UAPA

Now for a little National Stuff...

  • Dispassionate Liberal asks "What do you do when the President's approval ratings reach the freezing point of water -- 32º?" Snow Balls! as in Tony Snow :-)

  • Andrew say we can add Vermont to the list of states calling for the impeachment of Bush. He also notes that "Bush is speaking out both sides of his mouth"

  • "Gas prices at record highs. Oil company profits at record highs. Bush’s poll numbers at record lows. Is there a correlation here? You bet." states Truth, for a Change in a nice diary looking into high gas prices.

  • Stubborn Liberal leads us to some interesting news stories including one from newsday where the Janet Woodcock of the FDA states that contraception could lead teenagers to "sex based cults". Do they really believe this stuff? What world are they living in?
There are also some Ohio-focused diaries on DailyKos:
While I was at Kos I found this humor diary - "For True Progessives ONLY" by pico. It put a smile on my face. Which is always a good way to start the day!

So, I guess - I'm on a roll this week, somewhat consistent posts and I fixed blogroll! I reorganized and I added some new blogs: TheDonkey (Lake County), LibraryTavern, ClarkStreet, SwingStateOhio, and Modern Esquire. If you think of any I missed - feel free to email me at cindy at urbancode dot com. I suppose we can chalk up the extra screen time to bad weather - it was freezing yesterday!

Thanks - Enjoy your day!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

The Slippery Slope of Outsourcing or Why Trade Matters.

I stumbled upon this article on CNN Money. Basically the article is a propaganda piece about how great it is to send jobs to India. These kind of articles are trendy in business mags right now so - nothing too exciting - until I spotted this:
"Another key customer is Cisco (Research), a 10-year customer with whom HCL is now embracing another form of innovation - shared risk. Since February, HCL has been completely responsible for engineering one Cisco product..."
The competitive advantage of Cisco (and companies like Cisco) has always been their engineering. If they outsource their research and engineering, their "family jewel" then what will they have left? A brand and maybe some market clout? This example demonstrates that it is not just the low level jobs that are being outsourced to other countries - it is also high level, strategic stuff. Once you give this stuff up it is hard to get back and eventually the slippery slope might be the demise of the great Corporate America.

That is why trade is an important, if not sexy, issue. Senate candidate and Congressman Sherrod Brown stated on Lou Dobbs that 100's of thousands of Ohioans have lost jobs to outsourcing:
" the first part of the last decade, we saw continued job loss in manufacturing jobs.

And I remember during NAFTA in 1993 the debate that we were told over and over that, if you get more education to prepare for this, then we'll just ship out the low-skilled jobs, but there will be plenty of jobs for people as they get educated more. But we're seeing more and more that we're losing computer engineers. We're losing radiologists. We're losing all kinds of white-collar jobs, all kinds of jobs in addition to manufacturing jobs, which we're losing by the droves in my state.

We're losing all kinds of higher-tech jobs and all over the place."
He's right. Every year we lose a few more types of jobs - and everyone always thinks their job is safe. I don't think any of our jobs are really "safe". There has to be some kind of stopper put into place, something to level the playing field - where instead of workers all over the world competing against each other for less and less Corporations recognize the sacrifice of their employees and use profits to bring more and more people onto a higher ground - Not just creating golden parachutes and higher salaries for executives. A real American company would not be dismantling all of the labor standards we have worked so hard for in the US, but instead would be bringing some form of these rights to other populations. You know - spreading democracy. Wouldn't that be patriotic?

So what can be done to reverse the current trend of profits over people?

Economist Suzanne Berger at Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes that "outsourcing poses a real risk to employees; but ... a 'race to the bottom' can be avoided if companies accept that employing cheap labor is not the most effective way of responding to global competition."


Here in Ohio - we are lucky to have Senate Candidate Sherrod Brown. Not only does he have a Congressional record of voting against unfair trade agreements Sherrod Brown wrote the book on the Myths of Free Trade!
From Amazon review:
"Brown, a Democratic congressman from northeastern Ohio’s steel belt, is a veteran of legislative battles—described here in gory, arm-twisting detail—over NAFTA, GATT and other trade agreements, and in this impassioned polemic, he rebuts the usual rationales offered by free traders. Our current free trade agenda, Brown insists, is an un-American departure from a history of tariffs and government intervention aimed at developing the nation’s economy and protecting workers and the environment from the excesses of the market. He contends that free trade doesn’t promote growth in either developed or developing countries, but simply shifts well-paying American jobs to Third World sweatshops. There, miserably underpaid workers, denied workplace safety regulations or the right to unionize, can’t buy the products they make, which creates imbalances of supply over demand and thus contributes to global economic stagnation. Rather than spreading American values around the globe, he argues, free trade buttresses the power of authoritarian regimes like China’s. Indeed, in Brown’s view, no one benefits from unregulated trade except corporations and rich investors, eager to deploy their assets wherever labor and the environment are most profitably exploited. Although not systematically developed, Brown’s fact-filled argument is a cogent critique of American trade policies in a punchy left-populist style that is rarely heard in Washington these days."

His website offers up some solutions:
  • Revamp U.S. trade policy to reward corporations that create jobs at home.
  • Invest in small businesses that help build strong communities.
  • Pass fair trade initiatives that protect workers at home and abroad. Raising living standards in developing nations not only makes us more competitive and more secure, but gives foreign workers purchasing power to buy U.S. made goods.
So, although it might not be sexy - Trade does matter. The current Republican adminstration rewards corporations that give our jobs away, sacrificing the good ole American work ethic for common greed. If we are really interested in "spreading democracy" giving every worker basic rights would be a good start and looking out for the little guy wouldn't hurt either.

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Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Tuesday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

Local Candidates - Scandals and more...

  • Debra Pryce was caught red handed - a diary highlighting the connection between the $100,000 that Representative Pryce received from big drug companies and her vote for the awful Medicare bill. More on this story at UAPA. While your at it check out her opponent Mary Jo Kilroy. Her website also has some interesting things to say about Debra Pryce and her inability to put her constituents ahead of the GOP/Bush Administration and it's ties in Bug Business

  • Many bloggers commented on the recent Ohio Senate Poll by Rassmussen. PeopleHaveThePower calls the race "pretty much tied".

  • Pho questions Betty Montgomery's Odd Legal Research. The fix is in!

  • The uninformed voter run rampant in the Toledo County Commissioners race with Glass City Jungle noting that many in a recent poll believe they are voting for a dead man.

  • Julian Rogers , who is running for Ohio’s Ninth House District State Representative, has a new Online ad up. Ohio 2006 pointed us to it at his weblog - which is always filled with all the latest candidate news!

  • The always interesting Dem. AG Primary race was all over the blogs. LawDork noted that "Sen. Marc Dann raised three times as much in the pre-primary reporting period than his primary rival, Subodh Chandra." 3 times as much - that is a lot and they still have to go after Betty. PSD points out how silly the Plain Dealer claim that "Betty has already won the race" is.

  • The Ohio 13th race was making news - Psychobilly Dem offered up an endorsement for Betty Sutton in Why We Heart Betty and Know Our ABCs. The Chief Source gave thier endorsement to Tom Sawyer. Both blogs gave compelling reasons to vote for thier candidate of choice. The Chief Source keeps it interesting though by also offering up who they think is The Fightin' 13th's Worst Democrat! Yikes! :-)

The Misdeeds and Corruption of the Bush Adminstration kept everyone busy writing too...

  • Democratic Veteran wants us to wake up and spread the word that "Congress is going to hand the operation of the Internet over to AT&T, Verizon and Comcast" That's huge. He'd like all of us to help by blogging this subject, telling our friends and calling our congressmen.

  • The New McCarthyism targeted CIA analyst Mary McCarthy partly because she donated to the John Kerry campaign and to the Ohio Democratic Party. Visit Dispassionate Liberal to find out more about the witchhunt.

  • Liberal media bias is a joke! Don't I know it. And so does Andrew Warner who gives us another great read about the growing support to impeach President Bush on the state level and the medias refusual to even comment on this pretty dramatic move by Illinois and California.

  • Ohio ranks in the top 5 states for job losses and Blogesque points out that "Neighborhood revitalization is pointless without jobs"

  • Chief Source has a nice list of current Republican scandals in "A Mountain of Republican Problems" It is hard to keep track of everything - so this is a fun read plus these scandals seem to all be new for this week! :-) Wow!

  • Health Savings Accounts are a scam. Every once in a while someone tries to sell these to our company and they are just a horrible idea for our employees and ourselves. Truth, for a Change, takes this issue head on in a diary titled "Another boondoggle for corporate America" He offers up a unique perspective and a lot of good information on Health Savings Accounts.

Well, that's a lot for today. If you have time and want something a little less political try AtheistMamas book review of "The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist" or if thats not your thing - John at Working with Words has a short but interesting post on Prayer and Healing.

Now I'll leave you with a photo of my two year old and my big belly! Only two weeks left!

I'd like to let everyone know how much I appreciated all of the encouraging comments on the "Censorship at BSB" diary.

Thanks Everyone! Enjoy your day.

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Monday, April 24, 2006 

City Club Debate 13th Congressional District (Free Tickets for NEODFA members)

This Wednesday at noon the City Club in downtown Cleveland is hosting the debate for the 13th congressional district. The Cafaro campaign has made tickets available for NEO DFA members who want to attend.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 12:00 PM
Debate - Democratic: Congressional District 13
Capri Cafaro, Norbert Dennerll, Bill Grace, Gary Kucinich, Michael Lyons, Thomas Sawyer, Betty Sutton and John Wolfe

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Why the Left is Right - Liberal Quotes

God help us all if he bombs Iran.
-- Cenk Uygur

War is a coward's escape from the problems of peace.
-- Rev. William Sloane Coffin

Why are millionaires getting big tax breaks while Congress cuts
tuition aid for kids whose families can't afford to pay for college?
Why are millionaires getting tax breaks while soldiers are killed
and maimed in Iraq for lack of adequate armor?
-- Holly Sklar

From the book The Best Liberal Quotes Ever - Why the Left is Right.

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