Friday, May 19, 2006 

Konrad is home!

We had a few minor complications and did not get out of the hospital until today.

Konrad was born at 5:07pm on Friday the 12th. The C-section went very smoothly and my husband actually watched a lot of it, peeking over the curtain in the operating room. I guess, it is pretty gross but interesting.

weight: 7lb. 12oz.
length: 19.5 in.

Konrad had some difficulty breathing. There are several potential causes of this: TTN - something normal that happens with some c-section babies, pneumonia, or respiratory distress syndrome (immature lungs). The doctors don't know which one it was since all causes have the same symptoms but they seem to be leaning toward the TTN .

Konrad was on a slight mixture of oxygen that he recieved through a tube attached to his nostrils. He did not have to go on a ventilator -- which is a good thing.

So, here are the photos..

It looks a lot worse than it was. There were many babies in the Special Care Nursery that were really small and having a much rougher time than Konrad. He actually did very well and might have even come home sooner if they did not have to finish his complete round of antibiotics (just in case it was pneunomia). I am very grateful for his strength and good health.

My husband and I were allowed to board in the hospital so we could be close to Konrad and so I could breastfeed as soon as he was able. The hospital also loaned me a very nice breast pump to keep my milk supply steady.

The nurses and staff at Hillcrest were very nice. I think thier understanding and ability/willingness to communicate with me really eased my situation by decreasing a lot of stress. The ability to board at the hospital also really helped my mental state - having to leave the hospital without my son would have been pretty devestating. So, I just want to thank all of the nurses that go above and beyond to care for moms like me.

I think that is all I have for the update today. We'll have to wait and see how quickly I'll get back to blogging on a regular basis.

To everyone that sent emails, called or left comments wishing me well - Thank you. I appreciated it - it is especially nice when my "imaginary" internet friends become a real part of my life. Thanks.