Saturday, June 03, 2006 


I am honored to be amoung the bloggers chosen to meet Sen. Barack Obama. The bloggers attending the ODP dinner all contribute outstanding progressive commentary to the Ohio blogosphere and I look forward to meeting them almost as much as Sen. Obama. I just wish more bloggers could join us.

The opportunity to meet Sen.Obama is by far the best thing that has come out of this little blogging hobby I have. Sen. Obama is an impressive man and I just hope I don't embarrass myself in front of him. (things that could go wrong: I could freeze up, laugh uncontrollably or spill something on his suit and let's not forget break a heel!)

Since being asked to attend I have found out a little bit more about Sen. Obama. Here is a great quote from him. What is extra neat about it is that I found it on a site for Moderates and Conservatives
From Sen. Barack Obama's forthcoming book The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming the American Dream. Due out in October, the Senator writes that "Too often our political discussions focus on the things that divide us, but there are a lot of things we all have in common as Americans. On issues of faith, race, foreign policy or the economy, if we start with recognizing what we have in common, we can arrive at a politics that isn't as partisan and a little more productive.
I agree with that quote wholeheartedly and I look forward to an America where I can easily talk to my more conservative friends again without pulling out my hair or biting my tongue. It was easy before the dividing politics of the Bush administration perhaps it wil be easy again with Mr. Obama in a higher office? hmmm Well, regardless - the sentiment is very positive and can only help.

Jeff at Ohio2006 touches on this and Sen Obamas ability to "disagree without being disagreeable" at his blog.

So, I look forward to this event and I look forward to telling you all about it when I return! I'll get some photos and post as soon as possible.

As far as the controversy over bloggers recieving gifts - My husband and I have donated the price of the ticket to the ODP. I feel it is the least we could do since we would have paid for the ticket anyways. I did not donate out of journalistic integrity, I just did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Thanks everyone. See you soon.

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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Friday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

Ugg - more rainy weather. Yuck. No playground today :-(

On to the Ohio Blogs....
  • Ted Strickland busy accepting endorsements from Ohio’s most powerful black Democrats including - Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Warrensville Heights Mayor Marcia Fudge. Via Openers.

  • Ohio2006 visits Jennifer Brunner at Democratic City Club meeting and gives a great write up of The Sec of State candidates speech.

  • Many Ohio bloggers followed the Tom Noe (another Republican criminal) story including Democratic Veteran, LawDork and PrissyPatriot.

  • The controversy over Andrew Warners "Letter to Ted Strickland" post has been officially elevated to Blog Drama. Lisa sums it up here.

  • ChiefSource comments on "The Deciders" decision to cut terror funding in NYC.

  • Hypothetically Speaking is up and posting again with a great post - "Terry RICO is cooperating"

  • Another big story covered by many was the Rolling Stone Article "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" For more insight Truth, for a Change has a nice post.

Thanks Everyone! Enjoy your weekend.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Why the Left is Right - Liberal Quotes

The War on Terror will never end, nor is it meant to end . . . The
Long War will eternally justify what are ostensibly temporary
measures: suspension of civil liberties, military expansion,
domestic spying, massive deficit spending and the like.
-- Allan Uthman

We are all atheists with respect to Zeus and Thor.
-- Sam Harris

During the Vietnam War, Abbie Hoffman announced that the new high
was banana peels taken rectally. So then FBI scientists stuffed
banana peels up their asses to find out if this was true or not.
-- Kurt Vonnegut

From the book The Best Liberal Quotes Ever - Why the Left is Right.

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Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs (Wednesday)

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

So, the newborn is sleeping, the 2.5 year old is engaged in "Little Bear" and I think I have just enough time to sneak in a "Round Up".

Lets see what's going on in the Ohio Blogosphere...
Thanks everyone! Hopefully - I'll get back to a more consistent schedule but with the nice weather and adorable children - who knows!

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