Friday, June 09, 2006 

Sherrod Backs Net Neutrality, Votes Against Final Passage of COPE Bill

I thought you'd like to know that Sherrod voted for the Markey Net Neutrality Amendment, which failed, 152-269, and voted against the COPE bill, which passed last night 321-101.

He said this in favor of the Markey Amendment on the floor of the House:

Mr. BROWN of Ohio: Mr. Chairman, I thank my friend from Massachusetts for his leadership on all of these issues.

Net neutrality would maintain the free and open Internet that exists today. This bill simply does not protect the right of consumers to a wide array of information and entertainment sources.

The Markey amendment would provide those essential protections by outlawing sweetheart deals between network operators, like the phone or cable companies, and Internet content providers.

Without net neutrality, buying company A's phone service might restrict you to Google and deny you Yahoo, might deny you and only give you

American consumers deserve choice, whether they choose to use the Internet giant Google or the new start-up search engine. This amendment is about consumer choice. This amendment is about market competitiveness.

I urge you to join me in support of the Markey amendment in opposition to the bill.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

Ohio Democratic Womens Caucus Photo Slideshow

Wow! What energy. A line out the door and standing room only at the Cuyahoga County meeting of The Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus. Connie Shultz and Councilwoman Nina Turner gave amazing speeches, Pippa Carter introduced speakers on PuttingPrevention First, TEL Law and the importance of the Minimum Wage Admendment. A wide range of women attended - Candidates, Gold Star Mothers, Concerned Citizens, Activists, Bloggers and even Marc Danns mom enjoyed the evening.

I'll post some speech highlights later! Enjoy the day, it looks like another wonderful summer afternoon. I am going take the littlest one out for a walk. Take Care.

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Monday, June 05, 2006 

(video) Frances Strickland Sings About Ted

Frances Strickland Sings About Ted

One of the highlights of the evening, they seem like such a fun couple.

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Sen Obama and more of the ODP Party

Here is the invigorating audio of Sen Obamas speech to the 2500+ guests at the ODP dinner party. It is outstanding! Also check out AmericanStreet for more blogosphere/ODP party/ Barack goodies :-)

Now I am going to go for a long walk with my beautiful baby! He is over 8.5 lbs now. Wow! And...while we are talking about weight - I've lost another 5 lbs! I can't wait to be my normal size again - (I guess I should lay off these brownie bites) :-D

Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Listen to Sherrod Browns Speech for the ODP Dinner Party Guests

This is the majority of the Sherrod Brown speech (I did not make it to the stage that quickly so a little at the very beginning is missing). I hope you enjoy it. I am pretty sure this is a HeightsMom exclusive since most of the other bloggers with recording capabilities have already made up thier mind about Sherrod Brown and I suspect stopped listening to his speech when he started talking about workers rights - heck - I bet they stopped listening after Sherrod talked about how wonderful and talented his wife was! :-) Ahhh bloggers!

Some quotes from the speech...
100 years ago a child born in this country had a life expectancy of about 45 years. Today we live... 3 decades longer becuse of what progressive government has done - workers compensation, minimum wage, mine safety, medicare, social security, safe drinking water laws, clean air laws, prohibition of child labor - all of the things progressives in government have fought for. All the things the civil rights movement fought for - and the womens movement and the trade union movement - and the enviromentalist. From people of faith who fought for a better government and pushed thier government to move forward... We live thirty years longer partly because of high tech medicine and partly because of miracle drugs but MOSTLY because progressive Democrats have fought to help people live longer healthier lives...

Let me for a moment tell you for a second about this race for the Ohio Senate..we are rasiing money... we have started phone banking in many of the counties that John Kerry lost... but I've noticed the way the media covers this race is they keep talking about "POOR MIKE DEWINE" ... the iraq war is going bad, medicare is going bad, energy prices are up, Tom Noe is going to prison, it is "POOR MIKE DEWINE" to be in this situation. But, let me tell you something about "POOR MIKE DEWINE" from the moment that he was sworn in in January of 01, when George Bush was sworn in that same month - Mike Dewine has been a Rubberstamp for Gerge Bush. On the Iraq War - Mike Dewine is "you got it Mr. President! and energy bill written by the oil companies - you got it Mr President RUBBERSTAMP, on the prescription drug bill written by the drug companies - Mike DeWine says you got it Mr. President. RUBBERSTAMP! One rightwing judge after another rightwing judge Mike DeWine says you got it Mr. President. Whatever you need. No Raise in the minimum wage - No oversight and NO ACCOUNTABILITY! But you know what Mike DeWines reward for that is? A 1 million dollar fundraiser in Indian Hills Cincinnati. You know what else his reward is ...DIck Cheney coming in to (Ohio) to campaign, Ken Mehlman coming in to campaign, Karl Rove sitting in on his strategy meetings and helping Mike DeWine - POOR MIKE DEWINE!

Thats why this race is so important.

I think this is a very important race and like Obama said:

"we are operating in the real world and if we've got a situation where we've got a high quality candidate with progressive credentials, who has decided to run and is moving forward against someone whom we know is entirely supportive of George Bushs agenda then we've got to get on with it"

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Flickr Photo Slideshow from the ODP Dinner Party

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Listen to Barack Obama at the Bloggers Table

This is my first attempt at audio recording and publishing so forgive any newbie errors. Barack and Pho are interrupted a little in the beginning of the audio by an autograph seeker but then it goes a little more smoothly.

Pho would like to know where Barack thinks blogs are going in the political landscape...

Barack says ..."he believes in bottom up politics, blogs have the potential of tapping into that grassroots energy in a way that other media doesn't have because it is interactive...and when I look at what happened in my race..the ability of the internet to spread the word about a campaign for a candidate that wasn't that well known it was absolutely critical. It gave people confidence, it reinforced the possibilities to win - the meet ups ended up being a great tool - not only for candidates like me but - they formed great communities of people, that overtime would help elect other candidates and work on other issues- so I think that is the potential.

Now, .. I think the danger of the blogs..(interruption) we are only talking to ourselves and people who agree with us. That means then -that ovetime we are just reinforcing our own preceptions and we are not opening up to other ideas and other points of view. So, one of the things I am always trying to figure out, if possible, is how to get different bloggers and different points of view communicating and... so it is continuely a conversation and dialogue, not just all of us cheering each other on. Which is important - but ultimately, we got to make sure we are opening up the entire process to everybody.

Chris asks something along the lines of this (it is a it garbled by background noise)..the senate primary bought out the best of blogs and the worst of blogs..

Sen Obama responded ... some of you guys know - I write and taught before I got into politics and the world is perfectable when you write. You can imagine the perfect candidate, the perfect world and the perfect policies and when I am writing - I do not have to vote on some stupid piece of legislation that is one half bad and one half good. So, what happens then is , there is a tendancy for us to get really frustrated, if a candidate, a party or a platform is not subscribing to our ideas ...about where we should go and some of that is useful. I think the blogs have become a useful conscience to the Democratic Party. Where they (the party) start splitting the difference with Republicans over and over - pretty soon they start moving the goal posts way over here and blogs have been a useful corrective to that.

But, I think it is also important though - for every blogger to recognize that "Hey - look - we are operating in the real world and if we've got a situation where we've got a high quality candidate with progressive credentials, who has decided to run and is moving forward against someone whom we know is entirely supportive of George Bushs agenda then we've got to get on with it"

Listen to the sudio for the complete recording. (I've transcribed about half)

Thanks Everyone - Cindy

Updated to fix some spelling errors!

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