Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

Fiscal Accountability, Performance Based Budgeting and the Ohio Dems

By now, we all know that Republicans are not fiscally conservative. But - what are the democrats doing to further solidify the reputation of "Fiscally Responsible" started by the Clinton Administrations balanced budgets.

In Ohio, House Democrats recently offered admendments to eliminate government waste and help officials make wise choices.

The first admendment, Senate Bill 321 would require performance audits and a system of performance budgeting for every state agency. Performance based budgeting, would require state government to develop performance measures and benchmarks so policy makers are better equipped to determine whether programs are actually producing results. The concept has yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in other states, such as Washington. Budgets based on performance? Too sensible for Ohio Republicans, whom voted down the admendment.

Another admendment, HB 61, would immediately sunset existing tax expenditures (which currently cost Ohio taxpayers $6.3 billion each year), and require all new tax loopholes in the future to be renewed every five years.
“It’s time we get beyond election year gimmickry and start offering real fiscal discipline here in Columbus,” Driehaus said. “These are two common sense proposals that could save state government money without deep cuts to education or health care. They deserve to be taken seriously”...“Being a wise steward of taxpayers’ dollars means concentrating our resources on efforts that truly will move Ohio forward,” Strahorn said. “It means making tough, intelligent decisions – a trait that’s been short supply here lately.”...“If these tax breaks are accomplishing a legitimate public purpose, then by all means, let’s renew them,” Driehaus said. “But we are talking about some enormous holes in the tax code. We have a responsibility to at least take a look at them.”
In a state as economically depressed as Ohio, we rely on our lawmakers to be responsible. Investing in coins and creating loopholes for thier campaign donors is what the corrupt Ohio Republicans have given us instead of responsibility. It is time Democrats take firm grasp of the term "Fiscally Responsible" and make sure every voter realizes that Republicans are no longer the party of balanced budgets and a tightly run government - But the Democrats are. It is thoughtful and responsible Democratic iniatives that will Turn Around Ohio and the nation.

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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Fox news continues slide to bottom

From Broadcasting and Cable Magazine
So far during the second quarter, the No. 1 cable news channel’s primetime schedule has dropped 22% in its core 25-54 demo and 8% in total viewers. The first quarter was even worse.

Apparently, they are looking for new "talent".




Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

It is summer and a lot of people are busy with family stuff but that isn't stopping Ohioans from doing some excellent blogging -
Thanks Everyone. Enjoy the day.

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